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Duplex Controller

Duplex Controller FEATURES :
Installation can be carried out, as two independent lifts as controller of both lifts are independent.
There is no chance of both lifts down, as either of the lift continues to serve as simplex.
Lift till the time breakdown of other lift is attended.
This feature is especially useful as electronics of both lifts are separate and information between the two is hand-shacked.
This unique and exclusive design is made after getting vast experience in different duplex controller techniques and detailed field report analysis.
In old controller techniques one controller used to control two lifts and this was giving problems of installation, application and maintenance.
You can put even two opposite shafts into Duplex, as physical location of two lifts is not important for duplex operation in our design.
You can have independent LOP (HOP)'s installed for lifts having longer distances between their shafts. Button pressed at one LOP (HOP) will show indication in other LOP (HOP) button.
You can put gong in two ways... 
a) Independent Gongs on all floors, and 
b) On car top i.e. Single Gong common for all floors.
Shaft Harness
Wiring harnesses are prepared for all types of buildings and all type of controllers. With few details like floor heights, overhead, length in m/c room and distance from duct, etc.
a harness for entire building can be built. 
With the following features Lutag Wire Harnesses are becoming more customer-friendly... 
Reduces the precious wiring time and labour. 
There is no scope of error in wiring connection. 
Skilled technician not required for wiring as well as commissioning.
Saves the wire wastage.
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